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Re: NATs *ARE* evil!

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Fri Dec 15 10:54:11 2000

Also sprach Dave Curado
>ARIN has a (difficult) job to do, and from my experiences they do it

>1) You need to follow their rules/instructions
>2) You can never supply them with too much information.
>3) A good attitude helps.

OK...but here's my problem now (after hearing from an arin person with
some more information).

My rant has changed from, "ARIN can't count."  To, "ARIN doesn't/didn't
follow their own published policies."

ARIN's web site (at the time that we submitted our request for a /19,
and at the time that the /20 was approved) indicated a requirement that
the provider renumber out of the upstream provided space.  Looking at
the ARIN web site now...its hard to tell...I can't figure out from their
web site whether we fall under the multi-homed requirements, or the
initial allocation requirements, or some combination of the two.

Suffice it to say that ARIN's policies are not exactly easy to
understand for someone that hasn't ever dealt with ARIN before.

I will be getting in contact with ARIN (hopefully today) with the
contacts I received from this list (it has been a royal pain to get
anyone on the phone at ARIN in the past) and hopefully get all of this

Anyway...thanks for the information from everyone on the
estimation of ARIN has improved, but its still below water...we'll see
how the phone calls go.
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