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Re: Packet Loss

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Thu Dec 14 14:37:44 2000

[email protected] said:
> I'll speculate that it occurs when packets destined for a destination
> do
> not get there.  Most people see it via dropped ping packets..

> What ping really tells you is that either the packets from A to B are
> being lost or those from B to A are being lost.

Or that B is (perhaps deliberately - filtering ICMP echo or
ratelimiting echo response) not responding to the ICMP echo
request. This happens in Real Life (tm).

(pedantic: - or that A is discarding them as opposed to transmitting
them or ignoring the responses on receipt both of which have
been known to happen in badly configured NMS situations).

Alex Bligh
VP Core Network, XO Communications -
(formerly Nextlink Inc, Concentric Network Corporation
GX Networks, Xara Networks)