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Re: Clue at @Home?

  • From: Todd Suiter
  • Date: Tue Dec 12 22:58:29 2000

I was able to demand, at one time, to be shunted straight to their L3 NOC, after figuring
out for them that they had whole sections of network down in SD. ("oh, is that a problem?")
As for attacks, I get probed by @home 5 times a day trying see if I am running a news server. NM the fact that I send mail to abuse constantly with IPs of machines that are probing me.
("We can't do anything about that...")

And, since I run services like ssh, I'm told I need to upgrade to @work, since no consumer
would ever use a service like that, so I MUST be running a business off my cable connection.

Good luck!


Todd Suiter
Mgr, Deployments/NOC

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Jim Logan wrote:

> Sounds like classic @Home customer service... Oh well, time for me to order 
> a real circuit I guess...  Christ, their Level-2 people can't even get into 
> their routers and the escalation for those guys don't even know what to look 
> for...  And forget about getting to talk to anyone above level-2...
> --Jim
> >From: Alan Clegg <[email protected]>
> >To: Jim Logan <[email protected]>
> >CC: [email protected]
> >Subject: Re: Clue at @Home?
> >Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:05:23 -0500
> >
> >Unless the network is lying to me again, Jim Logan said:
> >
> > > Anyone have a phone number for someone with a clue at @Home?
> > >
> > > Getting tired of their level 2 support telling me my packet loss is 
> >because
> > > I'm pointing to the wrong nameserver....  Ugh...
> >
> >I can't even get that far.  I call them to report attacks coming
> >from their network and get forwarded to voicemail hell... I finally
> >get to the point of leaving a message and I never get a callback.
> >
> >AlanC
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