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Broadwing Summary Revised

  • From: Karyn Ulriksen
  • Date: Tue Dec 12 20:34:51 2000

The points below are a revision of the original Broadwing Summary posted at
NANOG.  As mentioned below, these points are unconfirmed any information on
inaccuracies are welcome.  Of note:  The items listed below aren't "bad" or
"good".  If there is any slant towards a good or bad, it's because we focus
on colocation and web farming and there are certain key points that we look
out for in a NSP for our organization.

So here is the revised summary of "factoids" (notice, not facts but

	Tier-2 Network shooting for Tier-1
	Merger between IXC and Cincinatti Bell
	Originally focused as a LD voice network
	OC192 circuits focused for voice service
	Internet Peering structure still infant
	<DELETE:  No MAE peering.  Only private peering.>  ## REVISED
		MAE peering does exist.
	One year old.
	Original COO moved to InterNAP.
	Similar staffing scenarios as GLBX.
	  - Loss of Top & Mid Level Technical Staff
	  - Staff churning in Sales & Tech  
	<DELETE: Resells dial-up service for Ziplink >   ## REVISED
		Ziplink out of the picture.  

Best to all.  Let me know if anything else doesn't ring true.  Flaming isn't
necessary here, even though some wont feel that their day is complete unless
they do [but that's what delete keys are for, eh?]

Best regards,

Karyn Ulriksen
Director of Network Operations
PublicHost, A SiteStream Company
22 Mauchly, Suite 200
Irvine, California  92618  USA
Phone: (949) 743-2000
email: [email protected]