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Re: Broadwing Summary

  • From: Alex
  • Date: Tue Dec 12 20:07:33 2000

> 	Tier-2 Network shooting for Tier-1

Lord only knows what that means.

> 	Merger between IXC and Cincinatti Bell


> 	Originally focused as a LD voice network

Who wasn't?

> 	OC192 circuits focused for voice service

That'd be 129,000 voice paths, which is a lot. They are somewhat
revolutionary with the Corvis deployment they are doing.

> 	Internet Peering structure still infant

Everyone's peering is, all the time.

> 	No MAE peering.  Only private peering.

No. Wrong.

> 	One year old.

IXC is quite older than one year.

> 	Original COO moved to InterNAP.

Bad move, IMHO.

> 	Similar staffing scenarios as GLBX.

This I don't know.

> 	  - Loss of Top & Mid Level Technical Staff

Who hasn't?

> 	  - Staff churning in Sales & Tech  


> 	Resells dial-up service for Ziplink

Not anymore.

I'm not defending Broadwing, but the above with pretty wrong..