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RE: Qwest/ rfc1918 goodness

  • From: Chance Whaley
  • Date: Sun Dec 10 22:26:21 2000

Its not Q with the 1918 addressing.

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edge = elvis has left the building


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On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Mark Mentovai wrote:
> I used to think that this was wrong also, and I would never build a
> network like that, but aside from making for ugly traceroutes, there's
> really nothing wrong with it.  RFC 1918 doesn't address this issue

It, together with a martian ingress-filters break PMTU-D _IF_ any of the
links between these routers has MTU less than 1500. This topic pops up on
nanog every 4-6 months, but I doubt that it'll make or qwest
change their addressing schemes.

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