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Re: Interliant and Digex

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Fri Dec 08 13:59:39 2000

At Friday 01:39 PM 12/8/00, [email protected] wrote:

>My company is considering using either Interliant or Digex for Web Hosting.
>Any opinions of either company would be appreciated.
>Please feel free to respond privately.
>Many thanks in advance.
>Lars Bolton
>[email protected]

If you like to do business with spammers - go ahead.
I am getting REALLY sick and tired of Interliant stealing contact information
from the NSI whois database and printing them on postcards for postal spam
(and I sure as hell didn't give NSI any permission whatsoever in selling
my contact info ; I know, they've been selling it lately; whether I want
their spam or not is ultimately InterLIARs concern though). As far as as
ethics standards for Digex/Intermedia is concerned, my mind is clouded
right now, but Interliant will never find consideration at places where
I am at the helm. That same behavior has cost Savvis some substantial
contract(s) this year, from DSL lines over T1's to a DS-3, new ones and
extensions alike. Names not omitted to blame the guilty.

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