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RE: Operations: where are you going to sit?

  • From: David Hares
  • Date: Thu Dec 07 10:38:35 2000

Northern Tool sells shooters ear muffs with small speakers and an 1/8"
miniplug.  Our NOC uses them and the same switch arrangement.  Don't skip on
the Plantronics units.  You really want the one with volume control on the
base unit.  They sell an off hook switch too.

BTW ... All the DUNE epsiodes air in sequence this Sunday for SciFi adicts
with VCRs.

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> > some day some genius will figure out a way to design a headset that can
> > be used to listen to music/computer beepage *AND* switch to a telephone
> > headset at the push of a button and lowering of a boom microphone.
> We made our own out of Sony headphones and Plantronics headsets,
> a small switch replacing the 'on-hook' on the phone swaps music
> and phone. Important point: We also have several people that use
> 'shooters ear muffs' that block out (almost) all outside sound
> and also signal to others "do not disturb".
> > >    9) CNN and The Weather Channel (really ESPN)
> >
> > there's nothing a NOC likes better on Sundays than football,
> except maybe
> > free beer and pizza while watching football.
> Football? Gasp... we did buy a new Sony Vega Flatscreen for the
> Sci-Fi channel "Dune" miniseries. Even had off-work people
> come by for the party.