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RE: Operations: where are you going to sit?

  • From: Jason A. Mills
  • Date: Wed Dec 06 18:58:01 2000


Semi-truth. Older equipment, poorly shielded equipment, and
highly-sensitive equipment can /sometimes/ be interfered with by
higher-powered RF transmitters. You'll see this sort of policy in
hospitals, microchip fab plants, and -some- datacenters (among others).

A blanket policy is better than having to tell people exactly what type of
RF devices are banned (above a certain ERP wattage, modulation types,


On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Daniel L. Golding wrote:

> I have worked in data centers where cell phones, FM radios, Nextel
> etc. were banned. The theory was that the radios could somehow interfere
> with the equipment. This never made much sense to me. Are restrictions
> such as this common? Anyone have any thoughts on if this is rooted in
> truth or falacy? It's very hard to work on some type of network
> where you have to console in, while using someone standing outside a
> center as a "talker". 
> - Dan Golding

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