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RE: Operations: where are you going to sit?

  • From: Jade Deane
  • Date: Wed Dec 06 13:02:55 2000

Loss of signal in a data center is a good point.  At a previous organization
I was slaved to, we brought this up with Nextel sales people.  After about a
week or so they purposed a small in-line receiver for the various data
centers, and a thin Kate Moss looking yagi for each roof.

Also, I can't stress the importance of a basic two way mobile system.  We
use the Nextel i1000+ phones for our engineering staff and NOC.  The
internet access features on these bad boys has been VERY handy.  The ability
for a NOC member to check MRTG/Openview type information and IMAP/etc. email
has been beneficial.


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::I would add wireless phones in general.  If NOC staff need to walk over to
::another person's screen or to swap cables or interfaces in a
::datacenter, you
::probably don't want them tied to a desk phone.  You may want to consider
::some basic 2 way radios (RF) in addition to wireless/cell phones for
::datacenter <--> NOC <--> restroom communication independent of
::any ma bell.

...especially since cell phones tend to get no signal in Data Centers...