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Re: Internet performance measures compared to other industires

  • From: Bora Akyol
  • Date: Mon Dec 04 14:12:56 2000

Then there is the issue of having successful connectivity but miserable
throughput. The throughput is what we need stats on.

A website that I visit often hangs off a GigE switch on the hosting center.
Traceroute shows 761 ms through the last hop which is the GigE switch. But
pings succeed most of the time.

Most SLAs that I have seen so far check for connectivity from usually a NOC
to the customer, there is no mention of throughput anywhere.


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Subject: Internet performance measures compared to other industires

> I wonder if I'm sensitized to Internet problems in comparison
> to other industries.  I checked a couple of other industries
> often given as examples of high uptimes, and found similar
> problems.
> Ameritech will compensate 150,000 customers who waited more than
> 48 hours for a repair, or more than 7 days past the installation due
> date since January 1 2000.  Ameritech is under investigation in four
> other states for missed dates and repair problems.
> An e-merchant reports credit card fraud verification system nonfunctional
> 22 percent of the time.  Mastercard and Visa didn't reply to press
> inquiries.
> NASDAQ reports 99.96% system availability since January 1 2000.
> AT&T, the only ISP I know publicly posting connection stats, reports 99%
> connect success last month.