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RE: Who's peering at Ameritech?

  • From: Jason Lixfeld
  • Date: Mon Dec 04 00:12:14 2000

I appreciate the comments of those who have suggested that I check the RSNG.
There is a difference in the total number of peers listed on the RSNG verses
the number of peers listed on the AADS site.  My question is wether the
difference is simply due to the fact that not everyone peering at AADS is
peering with the RSNG and all those who are listed on AADS' site are infact
connected and exchanging traffic?

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From: Jason Lixfeld
To: '[email protected]'
Sent: 12/3/00 9:46 PM
Subject: Who's peering at Ameritech?

For those of you who are peering at Ameritech, would it be possible to
me a list of AS' of all who you are peering with there?  I'm trying to
gather some traffic statistics to see if it's worth running an OC3 there
from Toronto.  Plugging the AS' into Flowscan should give me the number

If this question raises any eyebrows, does AADS have a route-server that
can peer with and grab the AS' for myself?  Their site mentions a
route-server in the list of peers, but it doesn't say if you can setup a
peering session with it, so I figure maybe someone on the inside would

Thx in advance.

Jason A. Lixfeld
Senior Network Engineer
Look Communications Inc.
[email protected]

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