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RE: Network Availability Report

  • From: Jason Lixfeld
  • Date: Fri Dec 01 11:16:09 2000

Depends on how well it works, as far as I'm concerned.

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How much momney do you want to spend?

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I'm looking for some kind of tool that can generate a report on network
availability.  For instance; this utility would run on a server and
tests to other hosts and routers across the network.  The usual Network
Monitoring Tool tests like ping, port response, etc but also things like
throughput between monitoring host and destination, packet-loss and a
percentage of availability for that host.  Obviously the availability
"number" would be dynamic based on the results of the tests and how the
configures the impact of those tests against the available percentage.

Has anyone seen anything like this in one nice little package?  What I'm
going to do is give the head honchos a URL where all they have to do is
click on a portion of our network and read off the uptime percentage.


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