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Re: Traceroute versus other performance measurement

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Wed Nov 29 23:52:50 2000

>> I need help with a reality/sanity check.   Traceroute is a good tool for
>> checking for routing type problems (loops).  Does anyone feel it's a good tool
>It's probably a poor tool for all kinds of really good technical reasons,
>but  "Matts traceroute" aka MTR is useful to me, often shows overstressed
>routers or connections... especially when normal traceroute just shows

the fact that it does all the probes in parallel, without waiting for
any single probe to time out is definitely a plus.

>Example screen: 

try mtr with -r (report mode) and -c (number of probe cycles to send)
to get nice little snapshots.

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