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Re: STM4c and Cisco

  • From: Daniel L. Golding
  • Date: Wed Nov 29 22:23:08 2000


This is probably a better question for the cisco-puck mailing list. At any
rate, I have experience running GEIPs (which are essentially PA-GE's on a
VIP2/50. The PA-GE only works on the 7200 family - for 7500s you need the
GEIP). I never got more than 200mb/sec out of one of them, on a large
service provider network. You can probably assume double that performance
on a VIP4/80. I don't think it's realistic to assume line rate traffic on
anything larger than an OC-3 for the 7500 family. In Cisco's defense, this
is an older platform, and one that is more or less aimed at the Enterprise
these days. In the Cisco world, ESRs and GSRs are aimed at the faster

If you want something smaller that does line rate OC-12, I suggest a
Juniper M5, or a Foundry BigIron 4000. They are both excellent choices.

- Dan Golding

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Ariel Biener wrote:

>   Hi guys/gals,
>    For a certain operation, we will be ordering a STM4c circuit. The edge
> router (our side) is a Cisco 7507, running RSP8, with VIP4-80s.
>    I saw that Cisco havea PA-OC12 card for the 750x series. My questions
> is as follows:
>    This particular location is an Internet exchange. Traffic can be
> classified as general purpose, and I assume web access is the largest
> share of it. I heard of different limitations of the VIP4-80, as per how
> many pps it can do, and what my boss heard from Cisco was about 400Mbit/s
> worth of packets (if we take the usual packet size distribution into
> consideration). 
>    I wonder if this is true. AFAIK, there are PA-GE cards for 750x series
> too. Would they also be stuck at ~40% of their potential ? For that OC12
> card, this makes it roughly 500Mb/s worth of cells (tax this for packet to
> cell conv. and you're at 400Mbit/s).
>    Does any of you run STM4c circuits on 750x routers (not 12k or
> Junipers) ?  If you do, have you ever came close to the full capacity of
> the link ?
>     I need to know this before I order it (although this is more academic
> than anything else, since I have no choice in the matter anyway).
> thanks for you input,
> --Ariel
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> Ariel Biener
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