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Will the lights stay on - Predictions about the US electrical grid (fwd)

  • From: multics
  • Date: Wed Nov 29 10:12:52 2000

In other words, consumers are starting to pay the price for blocking
construction of power generation plants.  Increasing demand with no
increase in generating capacity means shortages.

For those opposed to nuclear, you should note that many coal plants
produce more radioactive waste then nuclear plants.  Some coal slag from
coal power plants has more uranium in it then nuclear power plant fuel

Forwarded message:

> A selection of postive and negative outlooks for the reliability of the
> north american electric power grid.  George Bush, Jr. has cited the growth
> of the Internet as one cause for power shortages.
>   "Electric system resources will be adequate to meet projected electricity
>   demand in North America this winter. Of course, extreme weather conditions
>   and unexpected equipment problems may produce demands that exceed generation
>   and transmission margins"
> source:
>  "Californians are getting a two-fold warning at the first sign of cold
>   weather: The state says there may be blackouts and a major utility is
>   warning of sharply higher bills."
> source:
>  "Barring excessive heat, California should have enough electricity supply
>   to meet its demand next summer, according to new -- and disputed --
>   projections from the California Energy Commission."
> source:
>  "Responding to concerns about deterioration of the U.S. electric power grid,
>   Congress within the next five years will enact legislation mandating minimum
>   standards for reducing downtime and improving system reliability, a panel
>   of utility industry analysts and journalists predicted here this week."
> source:

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