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  • From: Todd Caine
  • Date: Tue Nov 28 16:30:19 2000

I prefer SWIP over RWHOIS for the simple fact that when your customers need to
send in re-assignment information they will send their template to the RR
instead of you.  I find that SWIP is relatively easy to use, but that the
waiting time between updates is a bit ridiculous.

One problem with SWIP is that many of the fields cannot just be simply
modified, so sometimes you will have to send in a SWIP template to delete the
old record and then wait for it to be completed so that your new SWIP record
,with the updated information, isn't processed before the delete takes place;
generally this will result in a rejection for both templates.  The ARIN's
delete SWIP queue supposedly gets processed before new SWIPs but I've seen
quite a few instances where this did not happen.

One other thing to note about SWIP is that ARIN's implementation of it requires
that netnames must be unique.  You can never use the same netname even if it
hasn't been in use for a long time.  This is kind of irritating, but maybe
that's just my opinion.  This is easy enough to work around though.

I don't have any experience with rwhois, although it is obvious that it adds
certain administrative duties that you don't have to deal with when using
SWIP.  Although if you build an easy to use web front end and add some
authentication you may be able to allow your customers to update their records
without your intervention, although I wouldn't recommend this.

Todd Caine

Jeff Neuffer wrote:

> Pros... Cons... Opinions?
> We are planning to receive, from ARIN, 32 class C networks.
> Would it be easier to manage our IP address space via email (SWIP) or setup
> a RWHOIS server?


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