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Re: Sun Storm

  • From: Spencer.Wood
  • Date: Sun Nov 26 17:59:25 2000

This might really sound crazy, but everytime there is a Solar Storm, we usually have at least on of our Cisco 2600's NVRAM become corrupt.  I'm not saying that the solar storm causes the memory corruption, but I've seen stranger things happen...

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Steve Sobol <[email protected]>
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11/26/2000 11:35 AM

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Dennis Dayman wrote:

> The sun could be causing some more immediate problems overnight and into
> next week. A major solar storm is bombarding the earth's atmosphere with
> low-dose radiation that scientists say is no real danger to people on the
> ground.  

Respected Internet professionals say that the solar storm may cause other
irregularities - for example, on-topic posts to the NANOG mailing list
such as the one I am replying to.

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