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Sun Storm

  • From: Dennis Dayman
  • Date: Sat Nov 25 23:42:21 2000

The sun could be causing some more immediate problems overnight and into next week. A major solar storm is bombarding the earth's atmosphere with low-dose radiation that scientists say is no real danger to people on the ground.  A major flare erupted off the sun's surface when many of us were sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. 
Forecasters expect the shockwaves, moving at one to three million miles an hour, will hit the earth's atmosphere Saturday night and last through Sunday. 
Strong geomagnetic storms can do a number on our growing, global web of communications technologies from satellites, to pagers, to high-frequency radios.  As most of you remember a smaller storm in 1998 knocked out one satellite that, in turn, shut down gas pumps and ATMs.

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