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RE: I think I jinxed Sprint

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Fri Nov 24 19:05:32 2000

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Roeland Meyer wrote:

> With the radical reduction in the cost of any form of RAID these days, I am
> surprised that a single disk-drive failure was able to do this. I'm even
> putting IDE RAID1 on critical workstations these days (Promis FastTrak66 and
> 2x10GB IDE drives. 3ware makes one with Linux drivers, IBM has linux drivers
> for their high-end RAID controllers as well [works on 3090's]). Of course,
> if they really insist on paying $money$ then they could spec EMC ...

Things like SCPs don't chage a lot, I am sure that the side of that
hardware is larger then the memory on a normal desktop today.

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