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RE: Carnivore Update - Washington Post 11/21/00

  • From: Philippe Landau
  • Date: Thu Nov 23 04:10:34 2000

>The only answer is the same one for CALEA, absolute mil-grade encryption on
>every single packet! Given that, it won't matter if they capture packets,
>they wont be readable.
with new repressive legislation popping up around the world (see UK)
you can be forced to give out all your keys.
the US practice of law enforcement is similar:
technology can't replace standing up for our rights.

>However, as MHSC has found out the hard way, folks
>don't want to pay for it. Even when it is freeware, they wont go through the
>extra trouble to install it. The proof is the market penetration of PGP.
as long as it stays as bloated as it has been made,
there is no way to really know whether it has a backdoor now.
i asked phil zimmermann and he seems not interested in
releasing a simple, easily analysable drag and drop app. could be better here.
you are right, it needs pioneering until the masses move.
(nothing unusual about that, is there ?)

>At one time, MHSC offered VPN software and an SSL-based web mail product,
of course carnivore has no problem decrypting SSL.

kind regards     philippe,