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Re: Carnivore Update - Washington Post 11/21/00

  • From: Frater M.A.Ch.H. 999
  • Date: Wed Nov 22 20:58:47 2000


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

I still have to say that the Carnivore program is potentially the most
disgusting domestic surveillance program ever proposed.

To Hell with the 4th Ammendment, eh, FBI?

I don't know what the FBI's oaths of service are, but my oaths upon entering
the US Armed Forces were to protect the Constitution of the United States
from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Furthermore, our motto in Special Forces is 'De Oppresso Liber' --- Liberate
from Oppression.

Perhaps they just want to ruffle some feathers and get some domestic
resistance popping up by all of this... or on the flip-side see if the
citizens actually would resist an attempt to eradicate the 4th Ammendment.

I've noticed that national ammunition sales are soaring over the past few

Amen!  And so they should be.

Carnivore needs to find a resting point before someone takes too much
offense to it.

And personally, I always like to use the good ole 'Meta-x spook' lisp
built-in command in emacs as often as possible for just this sort of

NSA kibo Waco, Texas counter-intelligence smuggle DES Mossad terrorist
class struggle security CIA explosion Noriega Marxist Kennedy

DES genetic strategic NSA smuggle FBI World Trade Center FSF Panama
SDI Honduras Ft. Meade Treasury counter-intelligence class struggle

For everyone who didn't know that command existed in the distribution,
enjoy!  ;)

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater M.A.Ch.H. 999


MTH/HE/SX/TA/EN S++(*) W N+++(++) PEG++(XX) Dr+ A>++ a++ C G+ QH+++
666++ Y++(+++) Z+