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Re: Down under NANOG: Telstra problems and root servers

  • From: Simon Lyall
  • Date: Wed Nov 22 14:19:19 2000

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Mark Prior wrote:
>         One might expect that -IF- a server was to become available and
>         Oz was to actually acceed to hosting a server, that it would be
>         one hop off an exchange, say WAIX or SYD-BONE and run by... say
>         APNIC.  In the past, Telstra has not been willing to host a root server.
> APNIC running it is a good idea but locating it a WAIX or SYD-BONE
> isn't.

Agreed, we're indirectly connected to Ausbone (SIX) and well under 10% of
domestic traffic in Aus goes that way.

Info for US based people: 

Well over 90% of the Internet connected people/business are connected 
via the Big 3 ( Telstra, Optus, or via an ISP that only uses
one of those. The Big3 make a substantial bit of revenue via interconnect
changing ( ~5cents $US per Megabyte ). In order to protect this revenue
the do not participate (AFAIK) in any exchanges such as AusBone.

This pretty much means the exchanges only act as secondary connects for
the 2nd tier Australian providers.

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