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RE: Server Monitoring

  • From: Tony Mumm
  • Date: Wed Nov 22 10:32:37 2000

What'sUp gold is pretty good, but if you are looking for decent amount of
functionality at a relatively low price, I think Intermapper is decent.  It
can be used for mapping and monitoring the network as well as setting up
probes to verify certain services/servers are up and available.

The one thing that seems to be a big hurdle with running it is that it
requires a Macintosh to run.   Sometimes that might go against a companies
OS platform, or just plain religion.

Check it out at


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On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 10:47:08AM -0800, Bora Akyol wrote:
> Does anyone out there have a set of scripts (or a commercial product) that
is used to monitor a set of servers including sendmail, dns, etc and
page/email people as necessary.

If you have a Windows box handy, What'sUp is nice and basic.

The old version, not this new "Gold" thing that they charge 8 billion
dollars a copy for.