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RE: Down under NANOG: Telstra problems and root servers

  • From: James D. Wilson
  • Date: Wed Nov 22 01:42:47 2000

With Telstra down at least some of the spam content from .au will be
temporarily reduced.

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Subject: Down under NANOG: Telstra problems and root servers

In addition the the previously reported cable cut, several folks have
written about a fire at an electrical substation cut power for much of
eastern Sydney, the location of a major Telstra server facility.  As far as
I can
tell, the fire had little affect on Telstra's servers because backup
generators were in place.

Although Telstra is the dominant ISP (and telephone company) in Australia,
there are other ISPs using other facilities which were not affected by the
cable cut.

So, if a root server was placed in Australia, to whom's network should
it be attached.  Would OPTUS and Telstra cooperate and jointly provide
connectivity and diversity?  Or is the most connected place in the
asia-pacific region still the west coast of the US?