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"Real Operator"

  • Date: Tue Nov 21 17:00:48 2000

In my opinion, "real operators" pay careful attention to the basics, such as
quality of service, up-time, performance, true "end-to-end" IPv4 transport,
etc. The consesus here seems to be that NANOG is a group of hobbyists
with no "policy rudder" to steer them in a direction where the O implicitly
stands for "Real Operator". The Real Operators that I know have told me
that NANOG no longer cares, in other words, it is not like the old days.

I guess this is what happens when "operators" can not agree on how to
process the first 20 bytes in a packet header, in a consistent manner,
breaking things after the fact.

Jim Fleming

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Subject: Re: Out of band monitoring of equipment

> > Curious if any operator uses, or have interest in using, out of band
> > network (e.g. modem, wireless etc.) for remote equipment (routers,
> > switches, HVAC etc.) monitoring over and above doing it in band on the
> > Internet.
> excuse the double negative, but i doubt that any real operator doesn't
> randy