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good grief (RE: IPv4HT - Re: Usage of IPv6 flow label)

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Tue Nov 21 13:15:49 2000


SP's use the IP ToS Precendence bits for marking traffic from their customers,
and treating it appropriately inside their cores.  As such, IP ToS Precendence
may and will be overwritten unless you have special arrangements with that SP
as specified by your contract.   More than likely, you'll be required to have
both ends of the path (where you care that IP ToS Precendence be preserved) on
the same SP cloud.

Of an SP uses IP ToS Precendence to mark traffic so that it can be queued
properly, it must rewrite/policy IP ToS Precendence.  In fact, it couldn't
meet the guarantees it may have contracts signed for unless it did so.  And at
that point, your claims go out the window unless you have such a contract.
Tough luck.  Can we move on now?

At that point, you probably are a prime candidate for a VPN anyway.  If you
for some crazy reason rely on IP ToS Precendence arriving the way you sent
them, use a VPN.  And if you don't like that policy, use a VPN.  Use a VPN.
And use a VPN.  And you should still use a VPN.  VPN, 'k?

That's the IPv4 reality.  Tough cookies.  Old news.

IMHO, anyone (that does include you, Jim) *relying* on IP ToS Precendence to
go anywhere unchanged -- without having made special provisions for it --
needs to get their head checked.  And, to trust IP ToS Precendence outside a
controlled environment is just as insane.

PS: Quit addressing me as 'NANOG people'.  And NANOG operates or ownes *zip*
in that regard.  And please keep the Cc: list down.  Thanks.  Good grief, Jim,
you can't be serious, can you?  Although, that straight jacket does look quite
fashionable, I must admit.

PPS: Alright, so, this was a flame.  Sorry if innocent bystanders were hurt.

Christian Kuhtz <[email protected]> -wk, <[email protected]> -hm
Sr. Architect, Engineering & Architecture,, Atlanta, GA, U.S.
"I speak for myself only."

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