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Summation (SMB filters)

  • From: Scott Call
  • Date: Mon Nov 20 19:23:28 2000

I've been reading through the impressive amount of feedback I recieved on the issue of fitlering SMB traffic, so I wanted to share the results of our actions.

The day I posted the first message to Nanog I blocked SMB on our Redback customer aggregation routers (DSL customers only). In 24 hours we had two requests to remove the block, and we did for those customers.

Over the next week we got maybe 3-5 more requests. Zero cancelations.

Our DSL customer base is 75-80% small office/home office DSL with one IP address dynamic assigned at installation and then RFC 1918 space behind a natting router.

I don't like filtering any traffic, but we do not have the time/staff to school our customers on safe networking, mostly because our customers are small and w/o any SA type staff.


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