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Various types of filtering - why not?

  • From: Mark Mentovai
  • Date: Mon Nov 20 16:44:23 2000

Why doesn't the community seem to be able to fix its own biggest problems
even when technical solutions are available, or could be made available?  
Anti-spoofing ingress filtering and route advertisement filtering can be
implemented, and it wouldn't be that hard, so why hasn't anyone stepped up
and said "do it?"

If I'm not mistaken, a few years back, Sean Doran at Sprint and a few other
NANOG members took a look at the Internet and said "something is not right."  
(Sean, I know you still poke in every now and then, so forgive me for
putting you on too high or not high enough a pedestal.)  The mess of small
routes cluttering up everyone's tables was handled with prefix filtering.  
Flap dampening was implemented and major carriers began to use it, solving
the problems of excessive BGP noise.  The community said "fix it" and it was
fixed.  We can thank them for a more stable, cleaner network than we would
otherwise be left with.

How come now, five years later, nobody's willing to say "fix it?"  Come on,
everyone, let's stop joking around and put spoofing and bogus announcements
behind us so we can move on to whatever the next big problem is.  Corporate
maneuvering aside, the major NSPs today are more or less the same as the
major NSPs of 1995.  Have things really changed so much since then that we
won't be rid of spoofing and bad routes until someone creates an agency to
regulate us?  What does that say about what we've become?

So I'll say it: We've got these problems staring us in the face, and we've
got the know-how and the means to fix them.  Whether that means moving
straight to implementation, or if we need to strategize for a while, it can
be done.  Now let's do it.