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announcing Jan 2001 COOK report contents & distribution list forcook report monthly summaries

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Thu Nov 16 17:27:43 2000

Announcing a distribution list for the monthly free summary of the COOK Report on Internet. You should expect to receive the monthly summary that is usually between 7 and 15 thousand characters long. You may get one or two other messages a month. This list is intended for distribution and not discussion. Anything posted to the list will bounce to me. I regard this as an experiment and reserve the right at my discretion to change list policy.

The list name is Cookrepsum standing for Cook Report Summary. You may subscribe yourselves by sending a message to [email protected] with 'subscribe cookrepsum' in the body. To unsubscribe send mail to [email protected] with 'unsubscribe cookrepsum" in the body The who command is disabled to preserve privacy. Thanks to Michael Burger at for lending the use of his facilities.

I will send the full summary out late in the day Thursday the 16th. To receive this and future summaries please follow the major domo sign up instructions for [email protected] above.

The COOK Report on Internet January 2001 (Vol.9, No. 10)


Packet Design Has Unique Research Role
Seeks Improved Routing to Offset Problems Inherent in MPLS
Judy Estrin, Kathie Nichols, Van Jacobson Want Cost Benefits of Convergence By Leveraging Strengths of TCP/IP Architecture pp. 1-7

Scaling the Internet via Exchange Points
Many Players Jumping into Rapidly Expanding Global Market
Technology and Business Model Issues as Seen By Equinix pp. 8 - 15

ITU and IETF in Agreement on ENUM Administration Letter from ITU to ICANN Blocks .tel gTLD Applications As Competition to ENUM -- Administration Modeled on Neutral Tier 1 Database Holder of Pointers to Records of Provisioned Services pp. 16 -17

Is-Is Bug Causes UUNET Route Flap pp. 18-19

ICANN Having No Authority to Create New gTLDs Lacks Legitimacy in US and Is Increasingly Rejected in Europe
Dixon Explains How .eu Has Been Kept from Icann Control, pp. 20-21

DNRC Letter Documents ICANN Past Testimony to Show Duplicity Behind So Called Clean Sheet Study of Public Board Members pp. 21 - 22

Executive Summary, pp. 22 - 24


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