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RE: Level 3 problems - was Re: Uunet to Level 3 San Jose peering problems?

  • From: Robbie Harrell
  • Date: Thu Nov 16 06:29:13 2000

It is not uncommon for a fiber cut to take out multiple carriers.  With all
the new fiber being laid, the swapping of fiber allows carriers to swap
their fiber with other carriers whose fiber is not in an area where they
have a presence.  This will become more of a problem moving forward.

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Never. That never happens. Telcos all run thier own fiber in thier own
conduits, and protect it using SONET.

Bahahhahahahahha. Yeah, right.

Apparently, there was a cut on a route that took out a variety of
carriers; someone I know who has a OC12 riding on Broadwing was down for a
little while.

Someone should start a database, where you enter information of where a
fiber cut took place, what end points were effected, and start building
correlations. That might be somewhat interesting.

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Simon Lockhart wrote:

> >According to Uunet:
> >
> >	Level3 is having a major outage
> Abovenet is also reporting a major fibre cut, and there's reports of
> PSINet having a major outage, too.
> Are they all sharing the same fibre, per chance?
> Simon