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Re: Level 3 problems - was Re: Uunet to Level 3 San Jose peering problems?

  • From: Alex
  • Date: Wed Nov 15 19:28:44 2000

Never. That never happens. Telcos all run thier own fiber in thier own
conduits, and protect it using SONET.

Bahahhahahahahha. Yeah, right.

Apparently, there was a cut on a route that took out a variety of
carriers; someone I know who has a OC12 riding on Broadwing was down for a
little while. 

Someone should start a database, where you enter information of where a
fiber cut took place, what end points were effected, and start building
correlations. That might be somewhat interesting. 

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Simon Lockhart wrote:

> >According to Uunet:
> >
> >	Level3 is having a major outage
> Abovenet is also reporting a major fibre cut, and there's reports of 
> PSINet having a major outage, too.
> Are they all sharing the same fibre, per chance?
> Simon