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Re: 10.x.x.x networks

  • From: Eliot Lear
  • Date: Wed Nov 15 19:23:37 2000

Michael Long wrote:
> I've been having a friendly arguement with some friends at work about
> wheather it's right or wrong to use for a network.
> Technically it should work, but during our conversations we keep coming
> back to best practiced IP schemes. I'm wondering what others think about
> this. Is using and possibly the reverse bad
> practice?

Although this should work, I would recommend that before someone use
either of these addresses (and in particular please
consider how many other networks with that address exist.  Without
getting into the whole renumbering argument again on nanog (#include
<flame.h>), if you are able to choose a portion of 10/8 space with some
amount of randomness you can reduce the potential for conflicts in those
cases where two private networks need to merge.
Eliot Lear
[email protected]