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  • Date: Sun Nov 12 21:26:25 2000

As far as I know, the plan was to elect Al Gore and then to bring
the FCC to regulate everything. That plan seems to be changing now
that George W. Bush has been elected. Unfortunately, William Daley
(the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce), one of the architects of
ICANN, is busy trying to get the vote changed. Others are obviously
busy with their plans...and ICANN is meeting in Los Angeles this week.

> Tuesday, November 7, 2000
> *Attendance is by Invitation Only*
> Introduction: GIP Chairman John Patrick, Vice President for Internet
> Technology, IBM
> Keynote Speakers:
> David Farber, Chief Technologist, U.S. Federal Communications Commission,
> Professor of Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania.
> Moderator: Vint Cerf, Senior Vice President for Internet Architecture &
> Engineering, WorldCom.
> Panelists: Fred Baker, Fellow, Cisco Systems, and Chairman, IETF
> Keynote Speaker: Esther Dyson, chairman, EDventure (Retiring Chairman,
> @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
> @@@@
> CHAIRMAN KENNARD:  Any other questions from the
> bench?  Hearing none, we'll move to the next panel.  Thank
> you both very much.  We really appreciate your taking the
> time to do this.  And I wanted to publicly acknowledge and
> thank Esther Dyson's work with ICANN.  That is a tremendous
> public service, not only for the country, for the world, and
> we're very appreciative of your work.
> @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

"Vinton Cerf, Nicknamed the "Father of the Internet:" "I think it is very
to say that the Internet would not be where it is in the United States
the strong support given to it and related research areas by the Vice
President in his current role and in his earlier role as Senator." Cerf is
currently a
senior vice president with MCI Worldcom."
"Dave Farber, Professor of Telecommunications at the University of
Pennsylvania: "Without [Gore] there is a good chance it [the Internet]
would not be where it is today," said Dave Farber."

Jim Fleming

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> Is it time for the FCC to start actions against Internet Service Providers
> who improperly announce IP address blocks without proper authorization,
> such as they do for long-distance slamming complaints?
> Is this the only thing which will get major carrier's attention.  It
> would be great if carriers could be trusted to correctly verify IP
> addresses before announcing them.  But as we've seen in the long-distance
> world, too many carriers act as if they can get an extra buck, they'll
> do what every they need to do.
> When will we see the headline
> XXXX ISP to pay $NNN million for Internet route hijacking?