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  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Nov 12 21:10:26 2000

On Sun, 12 November 2000, "Mark Mentovai" wrote:
> Failing that - a push from within the community to clean things up - I fear
> that governmental intervention is the only solution.  I only hope that when
> it comes down to regulating the Internet, it will be handled by a new
> authority responsible only for inter-network communications.  I think that
> it would be a mistake to try to tack this responsibility onto the FCC or
> FBI.  They're not international enough to handle issues fairly, for
> starters.  I also haven't been impressed with any government agency's
> technological prowess.

How many folks remember when the FCC's ip address block was blackholed
by an customer of Sprint and UUNET for an entire weekend?  Even FCC staffer's
couldn't get into their own network for 48 hours.  I still wonder if the
FCC was ever told by Sprint and UUNET the reason why their network was down
for the weekend was due to a routing error in their networks, or if they
just wrote it off as one of those weird Internet things.