North American Network Operators Group

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  • From: Mark Mentovai
  • Date: Sun Nov 12 20:57:48 2000

Sean Donelan wrote:
>Is this the only thing which will get major carrier's attention.  It
>would be great if carriers could be trusted to correctly verify IP
>addresses before announcing them.  But as we've seen in the long-distance
>world, too many carriers act as if they can get an extra buck, they'll
>do what every they need to do.

The drive to "slam" is pushed by dollars.  I can't think of any situation in
which someone might profit from announcing address space without
authorization.  The problems facing the Internet are mostly due to laziness
and lack of clue, enabled by an experimental infrastructure designed to
support neither of these things.  IP assumes non-hostile, non-lazy, and
non-clueless nodes.

Is there a consortium of big-time Internet operators?  There should be -
something where technical people with the ability to make changes within
their organization get together a few times each year to discuss problems
facing their individual networks and the Internet as a whole.  This would
enable the NSPs to shape the direction that Internet development and
expansion takes.

If such a consortium exists, it should be put to good use.  If it doesn't,
one should be created.

Failing that - a push from within the community to clean things up - I fear
that governmental intervention is the only solution.  I only hope that when
it comes down to regulating the Internet, it will be handled by a new
authority responsible only for inter-network communications.  I think that
it would be a mistake to try to tack this responsibility onto the FCC or
FBI.  They're not international enough to handle issues fairly, for
starters.  I also haven't been impressed with any government agency's
technological prowess.