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Re: Election 2000 - Network performance status quo

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Thu Nov 09 15:35:58 2000

Sean Donelan wrote:
> Large scale measurements of the Internet showed no measurable difference
> in overall packet loss or reachability during the 2000 US national
> elections.  Aggregate traffic measurements at NAPs and some providers'
> MRTG graphs didn't show much difference from last Tuesday's.
> Unscientific measurements of specific web sites (i.e. news and political
> sites) did show increased latency and timeouts, which tends to indicate
> the bottleneck was at the web site.  CNN and MSNBC went to a stripped down
> front page; which helped their performance.  ABCnews and CBSnews appeared
> to keep their full frontpage, and were very sluggish.  Yahoo News, with
> the most stripped down, almost all text news page, was speedy all night
> long.
> Although some people throwup their hands, and say you can't control the
> Internet; it does seem like many of the issues are at the point under
> the control of the individual organization.
> Smaller websites such as political candidate sites did have problems
> loading, but they are probably going away tomorrow anyway.

Hello Sean;

   Apparently the load is even higher now :

Any signs of it ?
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