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Election 1996 - 2000 has the Internet changed?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Mon Nov 06 18:21:52 2000

I was doing some web searches on the Internet's performance during the last
presidential election in 1996.

Things haven't changed very much.  Randy Bush was still asking why people
asking about network outages on NANOG instead of calling the providers NOCs.
and BBN were having routing problems. The rat in the power plant at Stanford
was autopsied.  People were SYN flooding IRC sites. And web operators
underestimated the crowd effects on their servers.

But I found this quote about how we could improve the Internet's performance

   The Internet needs a faster backbone using Asynchronous Transfer Mode
   and companies should locate their servers on server farms, Jenkins said.
   needs to be some sharing of bandwidths and consolidation of resources
into a high-speed
   backbone," he said. (Computerworld)

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