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Re: DoS attacks, NSPs unresponsiveness

  • From: Bill Fumerola
  • Date: Sat Nov 04 14:44:35 2000

On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 06:00:38AM -0500, Jeff Workman wrote:

> Customer:  My circuit is being saturated by tons of ICMP garbage. Can you
>            please do something to stop it before it gets to my pipe? I
>            don't know what they did, but apparently one of my dialup users
>            has pissed somebody off, for these attacks are aimed at my
> 	   modem pool.
> Me:        Nope, can't help you, sorry.
> Customer:  Excuse me?
> Me:        It's your own fault that you're getting attacked because you
>            your customers use IRC.  Now sit back and take your
>            spanking.  If you wish, I can have a sales representative
>            contact you tomorrow if you feel you need more bandwidth.
> Customer:  You've got to be kidding!
> Me:        Nope, thank you, drive through. *click*

A large IP provider (and construction/mining company) essentially told
me the above.  That was after they turned down my circuit to "stop" the

Bill Fumerola - Network Architect, BOFH / [email protected]