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RE: Security on a home DSL Line

  • From: Rishi Singh
  • Date: Fri Nov 03 11:35:15 2000


That was a very old version of BlackIce Defender you are referring to. I
know exactly which version you are talking about as I had similar problems
with it. However NetworkIce seems to be a pretty responsive company when it
comes to complaints and I beta test their products for them.

All of the dev/null stuff has been eliminated in the last few releases,
including erroneous reports and extraneous information. You should try it
now, I think you will be more impressed than the experiences you had with
the older version.

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> Hmm.. Zone Alarm is a nice product, but I'd prefer to use 
> BlackIce Defender
> for all my Wintel boxes.

When I was Director at SBCIS we dev/null complaints coming in from BlackICE.
It tends to report unnecessary information or attempts.  It said things
about TCP 80, it would report customers other windows boxes on the same home
DSL line doing netbios, and sometimes depending on their mail client setup's
would report them check their own E-Mail.

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