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RE: Security on a home DSL Line

  • From: Sean Figgins
  • Date: Fri Nov 03 10:40:18 2000

Of course, for those that don't know how to install a OS without the use of
GUIs, you can always install FreeBSD just about as easily as Linux, and have
all the security of IPFilter over IPChains...  I've used this method to do
everything from a Dial on Demand NAT gateway, to a full fledged
firewall/router solution.

Of course, my home network is behind more sophisticated security now, but
if/when I ever change jobs and network providers, I'll be going back to the
FreeBSD firewall/NAT method.

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>Otherwise, your idea is perfect; Linux or OpenBSD, whichever you're
>more comfortable with, will give you the most flexibility, and Solaris x86
>might work but will be dog-slow and unless you have a lot of RAM,
>completely unusuable.

For such a weakly defined measure of "a lot of RAM", this statement is
inaccurate.  Solaris 8 x86 will run comfortably, without X and superfluous
processes (to say: a rational firewall/NAT box configuration) within 12M
of RAM.  A passing knowledge of Solaris would not let a person know this to
be true, however, since Sun states its memory requirements on the assumption
you'd be using X.

That being said, OpenBSD is probably the best choice.  It requires more
to install, but less skill to secure, and would probably run better *by
default* on a minimal machine.  After that I'd suggest Solaris, since it
installs less crap than most of the Linux distributions (note: most).
Driver issues might force your hand to the Linuxes, of course.

I also place OpenBSD and Solaris above Linux because they both give you the
use of IPFilter, which I believe to be just flat-out superior to IPChains.

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