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Re: DoS attacks, NSPs unresponsiveness

  • From: Ariel Biener
  • Date: Thu Nov 02 21:51:42 2000


   Regretfully, I must say, portraying a world where there are absolutely
no values except money is a rather morbid picture.

   While I agree that the companies involved with the Internet want to
earn money, they also want to provide a reliable service to their
customers, and also entertainment, and alot of other stuff that brings
people closer together.

   Chosing a completely economical view and completely disregarding any
sociologic features in this global spanning network is, as I see it, a
mistake. We all want to make money, but not at all costs, and we also have
some values. I know NSPs who take special pride in their professionalism,
and their ability to solve problems, and also to be curtious and helpful
towards their customers. Those are not the largest NSPs (maybe one or
two). Keeping such staff is expensive, and surely not very smart,
economically speaking. Their clients are very happy, but still, the NSP
doesn't become a HUGE multi-billion dollar company.

   Some of us take pride in what we do, and try to do it the best we can,
and usually, past working hours, and sometimes at our own time's
expense. With your purely economical view, this would be ... stupid, but,
yet, we do it.

   No need to lose all that makes one human because of the shine of a
silver dollar.


Ariel Biener
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