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Re: DoS attacks, NSPs unresponsiveness

  • From: Ariel Biener
  • Date: Thu Nov 02 21:25:01 2000

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, J Bacher wrote:

> Wonderful.The problem has been identified.  But, other than
> foot-stomping, I haven't seen any solutions to correct it.

You hit the nail on it's head, that is exactly the feeling I have.

> The "we'll pull the plug" attitude won't work unless absence of said
> filtering violates that ISP's upstream AUP or contract.

Naturally, people still want to do business, and we're not looking for an
intimidation atmosphere, but ...

Reading the below, what I see is a Internet Draft that defines how to
properly protect your own network and other networks, using known RFCs are
techniques that are common practice among cluefull people nowadays. This
draft could be come the cook-book of connecting your
enterprise/company/ISP/entity to an upstream provider, and be used a a
reference guide for the said purpose. Of course, if it will be updated
with contemporan knowledge and methods from time to time, it will really
be best.

The tier1 (and even tier2) providers should insist, as part of the AUP or
"getting-connected to us" policy that their downstream implement.

This mailing list (not only) has a handful of very knowledgeable and
experienced inter-networking experts, as well as people who have grown
into management throughout the years.

I think it's well within the capability of this forum (or any other better
suited forum, if one will be suggested) to create and maintain such a

Thoughts ?


> Some suggestions:
> 1) Develop a group of technical contacts, one each company, for each Tier
> 1 provider.
> 2) Create a document with configuration examples for various routers
> 3) Request that each technical contact of these Tier 1 providers
> coordinate with its respective internal customer service reps to handle
> dissemination of said document to its ISP customers.
> or
> 4) Disseminate the document through other appropriate mailing lists or
> newsgroups.
> It's completely pointless to identify a problem without also identifying
> possible solutions or working toward correcting the problem.

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