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Re: RADWare Linkproof? (or better ways to multihome)

  • From: Barton F. Bruce
  • Date: Wed Nov 01 19:15:41 2000

You could always use a 2620 or 2621 with their internal 1 or 2 fast
ethernet ports and then use an external VLAN savvy switch to get as many
more as you need.

Use one switch port for the 802.1q vlan trunk, and set each other switch
port to be in a seperate vlan. Create subinterfaces on the router for
each, and use the vlan number as the .<whatever> subinterface number for

Some reports say a 262x can actually hold 128 meg dram. If not, cisco
has again proven they don't learn, or that engineered obsolescence is
the arrogant thing to do.

There is the 2650 or 2651 option that DOES support 128 meg, but is sadly
overpriced with no expansion to speak of.

If getting the 7206, realise that there is now a dual 10/100 option for
the I/O controller card as well as a gig-e/10meg dual port I/O card
option. It is less $ than the PA-GE card. The gig-e can do VLANS, too.
DON'T get the PA card with dual 100 meg as it isn't designed for full

Also consider the 300 processor as obsolete now with the 400 at the same
price. I wonder why the 400 is less $ than the NSE-1, too.

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> Larry Rosenman [[email protected]] wrote:
> > For the record, I've got a customer taking 2 full BGP tables with a
> > 3640 with 128Meg of RAM.
> Can anything less than a 7200 handle three (preferably four) fast
> ethernet interfaces?  That was my sole reason for going that route
> as it seems to be the smallest Cisco that will provide four fast-E
> connections (according to Cisco docs that I may have misread).
> > (not sure of cost...)
> Well, it's certainly cheaper than a 7206...
> Thanks,
> Mike
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