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Re: RADWare Linkproof? (or better ways to multihome)

  • From: Jon Mansey
  • Date: Wed Nov 01 17:27:13 2000

When Cisco quote the capabilities of a router, they always, understandably, consider the maximum potential bandwidth of an interface. Therefore a 100bT FDX interface takes up 200Mbps of backplane bandwidth. This of course limits the capacity of even a 7200 VXR to about 4 interfaces max.

If you never intend to run your 100bT at anything like the max bit rate, you will probably be OK loading up your router with more than the approved number of interfaces, but you do so at your own risk obviously.


Larry Rosenman [[email protected]] wrote:

 For the record, I've got a customer taking 2 full BGP tables with a
 3640 with 128Meg of RAM.
Can anything less than a 7200 handle three (preferably four) fast
ethernet interfaces?  That was my sole reason for going that route
as it seems to be the smallest Cisco that will provide four fast-E
connections (according to Cisco docs that I may have misread).

 (not sure of cost...)
Well, it's certainly cheaper than a 7206...

Mike Johnson
Network Engineer / iSun Networks, Inc.
Morrisville, NC
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