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Re: InterNAP?

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Tue Oct 31 13:38:57 2000

Thus spake "Spolidoro, Guilherme" <[email protected]>
> Since they don't own the backbone, their SLAs apply only to their
> i.e. they cannot guarantee performance, packet loss, delay, outages,
> over somebody else's backbone (e.g. Sprint, UUNet, AT&T, etc).

Nor can anyone who peers with the above; InterNAP theoretically has a
better chance of getting good service, since they're a paying customer.
That's how their business model goes, at least.

> Many large enterprises are leveraging on the Internet to deploy VPN
> connectivity between company sites as a replacement for Frame Relay
> or ATM PVCs. In such cases, it's very important to make sure that the
> service comes with the right SLAs.

SLAs are rarely worth the paper they're printed on.  If you do not
design your network/services/whatever around the *expectation* that your
carrier will fail, you're in for a rough ride.  What consolation is a
prorated refund when your circuit is down for 2+ days?


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