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Re: InterNAP

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Tue Oct 31 05:39:56 2000

Mike Johnson writes:

> I'm not a customer, but I spoke with a salesdriod there.  All they do
> is go in, set up their own geographicly disperse private peering points
> and link them together with their private backbone.  They set these
> things up by buying service from the other large backbone folk.  The
> idea being that, in general, if they can get their traffic onto the same
> backbone that the end user is connected to, then it's avoided the
> public peering points.  It's a good theory.  Dunno if it works.

In my opinion its not a peering point. Its an aggregation point of
several carriers into one AS. There is no magic to this if you have
a direct link to 5 of the biggest providers [1, 701, 1239 etc] then
you have a good control over how your traffic flows on the outbound,
a few lines of perl, rping and a BGP table dump and you can probably,
to a limited extent have some effect on the path your traffic takes.
I suspect that trying to implement the same architecture outside
of the United States will be substantially harder though. Also at
some point in time, one of their access nodes is bound to have a
subsAtantial ammounts of traffic and then they would have to link
some of the other access nodes to this one to avoid other congestion

One thing that is good about the idea, is that they have a customer
contract with their transit suppliers with some fairly useful SLA's
contained within, which should mean they have some control over
the quality of those providers.

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