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  • From: Jitendra Padhye
  • Date: Fri Oct 27 20:37:49 2000

Dear NANOG mailing list:

We gave a talk at NANOG earlier this week in Washington, D.C., in
which we reported on our development of TBIT (the TCP Behavior
Inference Tool) for testing the TCP behavior of web servers in the
Internet.  We also raised the issue of running NMAP to help us
correlate TCP behaviors with operating systems.  The purpose of
this correlation is so that any bugs identified by TBIT can be
appropriately reported and fixed.

One suggestion made at NANOG was that we send email to this mailing
list to inform people when we are running large-scale NMAP scans.

So the purpose of this email is to say that, over the weekend, we
will be running NMAP against 20,000+ IP addresses from machines in domain, kindly provided to us by Aaron Hughes.

If you have any problems with this, please contact us ([email protected],
[email protected]), instead of flaming Aaron :)

Here are some URLs for more information: 



- Jitendra Padhye and Sally Floyd.