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Re: UO slashdotted

  • From: hardie
  • Date: Fri Oct 27 13:58:45 2000 is a geek-oriented news page.  They have many,
many readers and the "Slashdot effect" is a common short hand for the
effect of sudden popularity on the infrastructure serving a particular
piece of content.  They have linked to the URL to the Carnivore
presentation from NANOG20

The ftp service for the mpeg files and the iptv players is no longer
available, and I infer that the mass of slashdot readers trying to
grab a 382mb file is the reason.  Sorry if my shorthand for the
event was confusing,

> > 
> > It looks like a slashdot link to the UO Carnivore files
> > has taken out the service.
> > 				Ted
> What ever that means!