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Re: Cheapest ethernet switch with monitor/mirror port?

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Oct 24 08:19:47 2000

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Mark Milhollan wrote:

> Henry Yen writes:
> >but the original poster seemed to be looking for a cheapie (although reliable,
> >i assume, or why post the question on nanog, after all...) switch that
> >he could snarf a monitor port from, and not a general recommendation for
> >that capability for a mid-range or high-end switch.
> >
> >i think once you get down to the $800 or so range (1200cdn), there's not going
> >to be much difference in what you get.
> So far the HP ProCurve 4000m is looking pretty good.  A pair of
> half-populated units (J4121A) is less than the price of a fully
> populated one.  CDW has them for US$45.72/port.  (Due to a HP promotion
> currently running.)  VLAN (802.1q), IGMP, monitor port, SNMP, stackable,
> CoS stuff, &c.  GbE ports (SX, LX, and 1000Base-T) are available for it. 
> Some limitations, e.g., 8 MAC's per port in secure mode.
> Of course we haven't really stressed them as yet, so ... YMMV, and all.
> Disclaimer:  Currently a happy consumer.  No other interest, though I
> think a mutual fund or two has some HP stock.

We've managed to get in excess of 800Mb/s through the 4000m's.  So far,
they're the best thing since sliced bread to come along.  One gotcha
though.  They come half-populated because they come with one PS.  Start
loading them up, it's a good idea to put the other PS in which gets
expensive.  We just deploy them as is and when we run out of the 40 ports
(+ GE uplink) we deploy another.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc